Access to Fare Cards and Sales Locations

Paying for transit should be easier and more efficient. While AFC 2.0 will remove cash payments on board vehicles, we’re introducing more places to load cash onto your Charlie Card than ever before.

Based on the Quantity Standards outlined in the contract with Cubic, sales locations can be fare vending machines or retail stores. And those locations must be within 2,000 feet of the start or end point of 98% of MBTA trips. All fare vending machines will dispense Charlie Cards and accept cash.

We’re currently conducting a Point of Sale Distribution and Equity Analysis, which will help identify any areas where additional sales locations may be needed. We anticipate that we will add more point of sale locations to supplement the initial network proposed by the systems integrator.

But we also want your input: where do you need a fare vending machine or retail sales location?

Tell us where you need to reload your Charlie Card