Ticket and Cash Use on the MBTA (+ a data download)

How will the upcoming fare payment system, AFC 2.0, affect the cash/ticket surcharge?

We conducted an analysis of our fare data from October 2017 to see where riders are paying with cash or CharlieTickets instead of CharlieCards. Currently, the cash fare is $2.00 for Local Bus travel and $2.75 for Rapid Transit while the CharlieCard fare is $1.70 for Local Bus and $2.25 for Rapid Transit.  This differential exists in order to promote CharlieCard usage over CharlieTickets and direct cash payments onboard vehicles. In the future, cash payment onboard vehicles will not be allowed and there will be no fare difference for accepted fare cards, so that promotion will no longer be needed. In addition, CharlieCards will be available at all fare vending machines. 

We looked at the average fare paid in specific areas, and identified which areas are paying a higher average fare because of CharlieTicket and cash use. To learn more about our analysis, read our blog post on fare collection and cash use.

You can also download our farebox data (October 2017) in order to do some analysis yourself.

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