Fare Structure and Products

With the technology behind AFC 2.0, we’re building a fare system that keeps up with changes to how people travel. And, we’re able to imagine a future of flexible fares: we can introduce new fare structures, new ways to pay, and new passes.

While there can’t be any major changes until AFC 2.0, we’re already thinking about how the new system can give riders more options.

One change that will go into effect with AFC 2.0 is that Charlie Cards will no longer be free. Every new Charlie Card will be issued with a small fee, which we’ll use to enact more flexible policies. An example is “One More Ride,” which will let users tap onto a vehicle even if they don’t have enough money on their card—the next time they visit a fare vending machine or retail location, their fare can be repaid.

That’s just one of our ideas. We want to hear yours. Meet with us at a community meeting or event to help us create a more flexible fare policy.