One Fare Card for Every Route

Right now, if you transfer between the Commuter Rail and subway, paying your fare for both modes is a little challenging. You either need a CharlieTicket loaded with a pass that’s valid on both modes—or you need a CharlieCard for the subway, and a CharlieTicket for the Commuter Rail.

With AFC 2.0, we’re excited to introduce tap-to-pay on every mode—so no matter how you pay, you can easily tap onto the bus, subway, Commuter Rail, and ferry.

Pay With a Charlie Card

Charlie Cards will work a lot like they do now. Load cash value or passes onto your account at a fare vending machine, online, or over the phone. Then simply tap your card at any fare reader to pay.

Pay With a Smartphone or Smartwatch

Simply tap your phone at the fare reader. You can use our new MBTA app for payments, or a mobile wallet program like Apple or Google Pay.

Pay With a Contactless Credit or Debit Card

Some banks in the United States now offer contactless credit or debit cards, which you can use to complete a transaction by just tapping on a credit card machine. When we roll out AFC 2.0, you’ll also be able to tap them on fare readers to pay your fare.

Pay With Cash

To keep the boarding process quick and easy, and to allow for boarding at every door, we’ll remove the option to pay in cash onboard. If you need or want to pay with cash, you can still use it at any fare vending machine or retail sales location. We’re installing more machines and expanding our network of stores, so you’ll never be too far from a place where you can reload your account.