Roles and Responsibilities



The AFC 2.0 Project Office works in coordination with staff across the MBTA to:

  • Manage the AFC 2.0 project overall

  • Procure and administer the contracts for the Systems Integrator and Design-Build Contractor

  • Review designs developed by the Systems Integrator

  • Execute public outreach and marketing campaigns to inform and educate MBTA riders about changes to the payment system

  • Manage customer service to support MBTA riders and customers in transitioning to and using the new payment system

  • Develop and implement policy and business rules to define how the new payment system works

  • Oversee all testing performed by the Systems Integrator

  • Oversee construction work performed by the Systems Integrator and the Design-Build Contractor

  • Oversee the Systems Integrator’s operation and maintenance of the payment system

Systems Integrator

The Systems Integrator is a partnership between Cubic Transportation Systems and John Laing. The Systems Integrator will:

  • Develop designs for all aspects of the payment system

  • Manufacture and provision all hardware

  • Develop, host and support all software

  • Test all aspects of the new system to confirm function, usability, data validation, performance, and system integration

  • Develop preliminary construction and installation plans

  • Finalize installation plans for vehicles

  • Support procurement of the Design-Build Contractor

  • Install new equipment and remove old equipment on vehicles

  • Operate and maintain the payment system for 10 years after system activation

    • Process taps and purchases

    • Perform preventative and corrective maintenance on hardware and software

    • Monitor the payment system for issues and report on performance

    • Collect payments, calculate charges, report on fare revenue and deposit funds to the MBTA

    • Manage the retail sales network

    • Process orders for Charlie Cards

    • Analyze usage of sales locations and redistribute as needed

  • Finance the implementation work through a public private partnership (P3)

Design-Build Contractor

The Design-Builder contract procurement is in progress. The Design-Build Contractor will:

  • Finalize construction plans for stations and stops

  • Remove old equipment from stations and stops

  • Complete installation of hardware (gates, fare vending machines and readers) at stations and stops

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