System Components

New fare gates

New Hardware

We’ll replace all current fare equipment in stations and vehicles, and install more equipment in the places where you need it, including:

  • New fare readers at all doors on buses and Green Line vehicles

  • New fare readers on Commuter Rail and Mattapan Line platforms

  • New subway gates at all stations

  • New fare vending machines at all subway stations

  • More fare vending machines at bus stops and Commuter Rail platforms

  • New sales equipment at retail stores

  • More handheld inspection devices for officials

New Ways to Pay

Your CharlieTicket or CharlieCard will be replaced with new ways to tap into any station or vehicle on any route.

You can add money or passes to your account at fare vending machines, retail locations, online, or over the phone. Then, just tap your card, contactless credit card, smartphone, or smartwatch to board your vehicle or enter your station.

New Ways to Buy

Reload your account:

  • At new fare vending machines in all subway stations

  • At more fare vending machines, located at some bus stops and Commuter Rail Stations

  • At any of the retailers on the expanded sales network near where you live and travel

  • On our new website or mobile app

  • Over the phone

New Software

All of this will be supported by new software that’s designed to:

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